Who can I talk to if my test is positive?

If you do a pregnancy test and it comes back positive you will probably be feeling a mixture of emotions; you may be happy and excited but you may also be terrified, confused and upset. If you want to talk to somebody but don’t feel that you can talk to friends or relatives, you can discuss your situation with your GP. If you don’t want to speak to somebody you know or you are scared to talk to somebody face to face, you can contact the Family Planning Association, Parentline Plus, Brook or Marie Stopes.

Try to be brave and talk to the people who are close to you; if you don’t feel brave enough to tell your parents, confide in a friend or another relative. The decision you are facing is a huge one and you may feel completely overwhelmed; you may be sure that you want to keep the baby, you may be sure that you want to terminate the pregnancy or you may have no idea what you are going to do. Try to share the burden with somebody close to you or an independent advice service so you can consider all the options open to you. If you have done a test early on, you will have plenty of time to make a decision so try not to panic and take your time.

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