Which types of contraception are available to young girls?

There are now many different types of contraception available to young people; these include:

  • Condoms: condoms are the only form of contraceptive that protect against sexually transmitted infections, as well as unwanted pregnancies. They are widely available from chemists and supermarkets and are offered free of charge at Gum clinics, local sexual health clinics and family planning clinics.
  • The pill: there are now numerous different types of contraceptive pill. The pill is very effective if taken properly but you need to remember to take it every day and some people may experience negative side-effects with some pills. Talk to your GP about the different types of contraceptive pill available.
  • The injection: the injection may not be suitable for some women under the age of 18 so your doctor may advise a different type of contraceptive. The injection offers protection for between 8 and 12 weeks.
  • The implant: the implant is a thin flexible rod-shaped device which lies underneath the skin in the upper arm; it is suitable for most women.
  • The IUD (intrauterine device): the IUD (also known as a coil) provides long-term protection against unwanted pregnancies but it is not suitable for everyone.

If you have any questions about contraception, don’t hesitate to see your GP, go to a family planning or local sexual health clinic or call Brook (a charity which caters for young people).

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