A description of the medical terms used or referred to in this premature ejaculation guide. It also includes descriptions of medical terms which may be of interest.


Anal sex A type of sexual intercourse which occurs in or around the anus.

Anus Outer opening of the rectum: it enables faeces to be eliminated from the body. Also used for sexual activity.

Anxiety A psychological state in which a person is nervous or ‘on edge’: a reaction to a perceived threat or stress.

Arousal A state of sexual stimulation.


Birth control The name given to methods that helps to prevent pregnancy, e.g. contraception.

Bisexual This is used to describe a person who is attracted to both men and women.


Climax Also known as an orgasm: this term is used to denote extreme pleasure during sexual intercourse which is also accompanied by ejaculation (in men).

Condom A form of contraception: a thin sheath worn over the penis to prevent sperm from entering the vagina and possibly leading to a pregnancy (if fertilisation takes place).

Contraception Am umbrella term used to describe a variety of methods to prevent pregnancy, e.g. the pill, condoms etc.


Dental dam A type of mouth shield, made from rubber, which covers the woman’s genitals during oral sex.


Ejaculation The name given to the process in which semen is ejected by the penis at the moment of climax.

Erectile dysfunction Also known as impotence: this is a medical condition in which a man is unable to achieve or sustain an erection.

Erection This occurs when a man is sexually stimulated. The penis increases in size, becomes harder and stands up (erect).

Erotic Used to refer to material which causes sexual arousal, e.g. magazines.


Family planning A term used to describe the prevention of pregnancy via contraception. Also used to refer to birth control.

Fertility The ability to conceive and start a family.

Foreplay A form of sexual stimulation which is carried out before sexual intercourse.


Genitals This refers to male and female reproductive organs, e.g. penis and vagina.


Heterosexual A term used to refer to people who are attracted to the opposite sex.

Homosexual This term refers to people who are attracted to others of the same sex.


Impotence Also known as erectile dysfunction: a condition in which a man is unable to get an erection. Often accompanied by a low level of arousal.

Intercourse A physical act in which two people are joined together by their genitals in order to achieve pleasure and satisfaction. Bodily fluids are exchanged during this activity.


None at present.


None at present.


Lubricant A form of gel or cream used to help with penetration during sexual intercourse. This can be used on its own or with a condom.


Masturbation Touching or stroking the genitals in order to achieve pleasure, e.g. rubbing the penis. This can be done on its own or between two people.


None at present.


Oral sex A sexual activity in which a person kisses or sucks another person’s genitals to give pleasure.

Orgasm Also known as a climax: an intense state of pleasure experienced as a result of sexual stimulation. This manifests itself as vaginal spasms in the woman and ejaculation in the man.


Penis The male reproductive organ: a long, tubular shaped organ between the legs which ejects semen at the moment of climax.

Performance anxiety A state of tension or nervousness experienced before or during sexual intercourse.

Pill A popular form of contraception used by women to prevent pregnancy.

Premature ejaculation A common sexual problem in men who find that they climax sooner than desired: the act of ejaculating too quickly and before the man and woman are ready.

Prostate gland A walnut shaped gland, present in men only, which lies below the bladder and produces a fluid (prostatic fluid) which forms part of semen.

Pre-seminal fluid A type of fluid which is expelled by the penis before the ejaculation of semen.


Rectal This refers to anything to do with the rectum: the rectum is the last part of the large intestine, just before the anus, which acts as a storage facility for faeces.

Retarded ejaculation This is often referred to as ‘delayed ejaculation’: this is a condition in which the man takes a long time to ejaculate or in some cases, is unable to do so.

Retrograde ejaculation This is where semen flows back into the bladder rather than being expelled from the penis via the urethra during ejaculation.


Safe sex A term used to describe ways of having sex without the risk of a sexually transmitted disease.

Semen The medical name for the clear, sticky fluid that contains millions of sperm: this is expelled from the penis during ejaculation.

Sex aids This refers to a variety of ‘toys’ or devices which can be used to stimulate a person before sex, or used during sexual intercourse. Examples of these include vibrators and dildos.

Sexual desire To have strong, sexual feelings or attraction for another person.

Sexual pleasure A state of satisfaction achieved through masturbation or sexual intercourse.

Sperm The name given to male reproductive cells which are present in semen at the time of ejaculation and swim up through the woman’s vagina in order to fertilise an egg. If this happens then a pregnancy will occur. Sperm are produced by the man’s testicles and are reabsorbed by his body if they are not ejaculated during climax.


Testicles Two small, egg-shaped organs which lie behind the penis and produce sperm.


Unprotected sex This refers to having sex without taking any precautions such as wearing a condom.

Urethra A slim tube which runs from the bladder to the tip of the penis and allows urine and semen to leave the body. This tube is present in both men and women.


Vagina The female reproductive organ: this is where the penis is inserted during sexual intercourse. Menstruation and pregnancy take place in this organ.

Vaginal secretion A sticky type of fluid which acts as a natural lubricant for the vagina and is expelled from there before and during sexual intercourse.

Virgin This means a person who has never had sexual intercourse.


Wet dream Also known as a nocturnal emission: this is where a male ejaculates during their sleep, often without their being aware of it, hence the name ‘wet dream’. These can occur at any age but are more likely to happen during puberty.


None at present.


None at present.


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