Self help for premature ejaculation

If you have a mild form of premature ejaculation then you can treat this at home rather than visit your GP. This includes trying out a range of activities before or during sexual intercourse which may help you to relax and ejaculate when you are both ready.

Sexual activities at home

These activities can include:

  • Using sex aids such as vibrators
  • Using lubricating gels, creams or jellies to improve the physical side of sex.
  • Engaging in erotic games/fantasy role play to increase the enjoyment of your lovemaking.
  • Looking at erotic material such as magazines before having sex to increase stimulation.

If you visit a sex therapist then they may ask you to try out these activities at home.

Finding a sex therapist

If you opt for sex therapy then you may be able to access this on the NHS but this depends on the area in which you live. This is provided by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and whilst some will provide this service others will not. Check with your local PCT to see if they offer this service. If they do not then your only other option is to pay for private therapy. A private session can cost around £40 to £50. For more information about sex therapists visit our links page. This page contains information about useful organisations that can help with any issue related to premature ejaculation.

Other forms of self help

Additional forms of self help include distraction techniques, masturbation and additional foreplay. What is a ‘distraction technique?’ This is a method whereby you think of something else at the moment you are about to ejaculate. This means thinking of something mundane or anything which is not to do with sex which will reduce your level of arousal. The idea behind this is to dampen down your arousal levels but allows you to maintain an erection and continue with your lovemaking. This means that you will be able to last for longer and ejaculate when you and your partner are ready. As regards the other methods: use different forms of masturbation to enable you to become accustomed to a range of different sensations. This will increase your confidence and will enable you to become familiar with the point at which you are about to ejaculate. Foreplay is undertaken by many couples but in this situation increase the amount of foreplay so that your partner becomes highly aroused. The aim is for orgasm and ejaculation to happen at the same time. Another option is to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor so that you are able to squeeze these and so prevent premature ejaculation. This may sound rather unusual but there are men who have found that clenching or squeezing these muscles gives them a better sense of control at the point of reaching their climax. If you exercise on a regular basis then incorporate a few pelvic exercises into your routine. Whatever method you use, talk it about first with your partner as they can be invaluable in providing help and support with premature ejaculation.

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