Problem with premature ejaculation

The main problem with premature ejaculation is the effect it has upon your sex life. Some may argue that it is a minor issue and not something to be too concerned about but many others would disagree.

It causes a great deal of upset and misery for many couples which can have a serious effect on their relationship. In some cases it can put this under threat or even ruin it, mainly because of the impact upon their sex lives.

So make no mistake, it is an unpleasant and stressful condition.

It usually occurs later on in life but there are cases where it lasts throughout a man’s lifetime. In these situations there is usually an underlying psychological reason.

Negative effect on your partner

There are some cases where the man has a severe form of premature ejaculation in which he ejaculates before vaginal penetration takes place. This means he is unable to satisfy his partner who is upset and frustrated by this state of affairs especially if she wants to start a family.

If you and your partner are looking to start a family then there is nothing worse than developing a sexual problem such as this. This is especially the case if you have been trying for a long period of time and feel as if time is against you.

Negative effect on your psychological wellbeing

Apart from the effect on your partner, it also has a dramatic impact upon your mental state. As a man, not being able to ‘perform’or give pleasure during intercourse is a huge blow to your confidence and self-esteem which can worsen over time.

Some men consider themselves to be less than a man during this time or worry about their attractiveness to their partners. They feel ashamed by their condition and worry about whether their partner will still be interested in them.

As a result of this their confidence drops and they become stressed and anxious at the thought of this.

What happens is that you start to dread the thought of having sex which is then manifested as a form of ‘performance anxiety’. This shows itself as ‘nerves’ in which you become tense and wound up before having sex which causes you to rush the sex act and ejaculate too quickly.

The more you worry about this the worse it gets until eventually, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It gets to the point whereby you avoid having sex altogether which is destructive for your relationship.

For many men premature ejaculation is an annoying and irritating condition which they would rather do without. Once it has started to impact upon not only themselves but their partner (and possibly their marriage) then something has to be done.

This means undergoing some form of treatment of which there are several options. Find out more about these in our treating premature ejaculation section.

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