Podiatrist : Sports Physicians

Podiatry is an aspect of medicine related to the areas of the foot, lower legs and ankles. In many sports such as football, cricket, running and rugby, players repetitively use their legs and they can often incur injuries to the feet and ankles. A podiatrist can treat any injuries by diagnosis as they specialise in the disorders and injuries of the lower legs, feet and ankles. Chiropodists can cater to assist with injuries for the various different sports and depending what sports you play different techniques will be used to relieve pain and prevent further injury.

Diagnosis & treatment

In many sports running is involved which causes pressure can lead to increased pressure of the foot. Physical collisions can often add to even more stress to the feet and therefore podiatry is ideal in getting a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan for those injured areas.


Holistic sports injury treatment and rehabilitation may be a technique used in podiatry to help the circulation in the feet and relieve tension that may have been building up. Specialists in Podiatry will often advise which type of footwear is suitable when playing sports. The cost of podiatry treatment for sports injuries vary but prices may start from £65 according to your individual circumstances. Sports Podiatry clinics offer video gait analysis which assesses the way we walk or run and can be particularly beneficial to athletes to prevent them from further injury.

If your foot has experienced a misalignment due to an injury than orthotic treatment may be used to protect joints, muscles and reduce any pain from an injury. Orthotics or insoles are inserted in your shoe and help restore the natural position of the feet by providing protection and cushioning. There are three types of orthotics which are pre-orthotics and custom made orthotics which can be tailored to your requirements.

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