Sports Physicians : Sports Physicians

Sports physicians have undertaken specific specialist training to qualify as sports doctors and are different from the traditional orthopaedic physicians. Sports physicians are doctors who specialise in the non surgical aspect of treatment of injuries resulting from sports. As approximately 90% of sporting injuries require no surgery a sports physician would be an excellent port of call and able to assist you in diagnosing your injury and the relevant treatment needed. In the cases of injuries where surgery is needed the sports physician will refer you to an orthopaedic physician to carry out the necessary surgery.

Strengthen and correct imbalances

Sports physicians can be beneficial in preventing further injury to a person who either participates in sport as their profession or for leisure. They can also cater to strengthen weakness and correct any imbalances therefore providing a member of sport with the confidence in performing at their best. Sports medicine physicians can offer preventative therapy and advice as well as diagnosing an injury at the earliest so that it is treated in the best way possible ensuring a faster recovery process.

Sports physicians can offer medical coverage for sporting events when injuries are most likely to occur and a sports physician is needed to get players back on their feet. Soft tissue and rehabilitation management are another service that sports physicians can perform. In the event of increased inflammation of the injury cortisone injections may be needed to reduce the swelling and this is a treatment that sports physicians may use.

Sports physicians in commercial sport

Sports physicians are often a necessity in the commercial sporting world as they are always on hand when it comes to an important match. In the UK sports doctors hold a recognised qualification of their speciality in sports medicine and it is becoming an increasingly popular career line for doctors. A sports physician aims to prevent injury and revitalises fitness to help maximize the bodily functions. Sports physicians can treat acute injuries to the knee, ankle sprains, and strains to the muscles, shoulder injuries and fractures. They can also treat overuse injuries such as Tendonitis and stress fractures which may occur.

Sports physician services

Professional sportsmen are not the only people who need the services of sports physicians; many people who are active in their daily life choose to consult a sports physician. Often sports physicians will receive training in non-musculoskeletal aspects of sports medicine such as mild traumatic injury to the head. There are some athletes that suffer from chronic or an acute illness such as diabetes or asthma and therefore sports physicians will be qualified in treating these type of athletes. The main aim of a sports physician is to minimise and prevent injury from occurring and if an injury has occurred they will give the relevant diagnosis and treatment. An individual treatment plan may be made which discusses your nutrition and any supplements which a participant of sport is taking. The overall assessment will enable a person to perform at their best and make the relevant changes to their lifestyle ensuring that they have a healthier body.

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