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In every sport it is inevitable that injuries will occur and often people who play sport may need to have sports physiotherapy to aid the recovery of injuries that have occurred through sport. Sports Physiotherapists are specialised in treating sporting injuries and help to diagnose injuries and perform manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and electrotherapy on their patients.

What does sports physiotherapy involve?

Sports physiotherapists often use specialised physiotherapy treatment techniques such as massage, aromatherapy and first aid. Sports physiotherapists are often skilled in muscle manipulation and use massage techniques to relieve aches and pains from over working the body. The techniques used in sports physiotherapy can make a sporting person’s injury heal quickly and can also be beneficial for sports that involve teams as it can provide immediate assistance for injuries.

Popular treatments

Heat treatments and electrotherapy are often used as part of the sports physiotherapy treatment and this helps in aiding with the circulation of blood flow to the affected area. In most popular sports which involves teams such as football and cricket sports physiotherapy is a necessity to prepare them for game and to help heal any injuries that do occur. Often holistic treatments and acupuncture can be used in sports physiotherapy as their healing properties can get players back on their feet and ready for a sporting event.

Can a sports physiotherapist help me?

Sports physiotherapists can assist with immediate assistance on the ground if you team is participating in an sporting event. Depending on the extent of the injury sports physiotherapy can take up to a few sessions to achieve results before a sporting game. Sports physiotherapy is beneficial to people who play regularly in sports events and even those who play sports for leisure and have incurred some form of injury. There are many sports physiotherapists who will be able to assist you before and after an injury.

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