Can I increase my cover after the policy starts?

Once you have taken out a critical illness policy, it may be possible for you to make changes or adjust the policy to suit your needs, but you will need to contact your provider and they must confirm the changes before your new policy is valid. Some providers will allow you to make adjustments to your policy to fit in with changes in inflation rates and to adapt to your needs. For instance, should you get married you may be able to take out a joint policy or a family policy if you have children.

In some cases, if you want to change your policy you may be required to provide the insurance company with additional information about you, your health and also about other people if they are going to be included in the policy. The company will examine your information before they confirm a change in the policy and this should always be confirmed in writing. If you change your policy you will receive the latest information and details about your new insurance plan.

If you do make changes to your plan to increase the rank of cover, it is probable that your premium will increase. You will be told about the price increase before you agree to confirm the changes. If you do opt for a more comprehensive policy, you may find that you get additional benefits, such as free cover for your children.

Benefits of comprehensive policies

Critical illness cover is beneficial for a large proportion of people, as statistics suggest that many people will develop one of the ailments covered by critical illness cover and this is a means of protecting yourself and your family if you are discovered to have a serious disease. Often, insurance companies provide critical illness cover with life insurance and the payout you get if diagnosed can help to keep financial worries at bay, especially if your illness means that you cannot work.

If you choose a comprehensive critical illness policy it will protect against a wider series of illnesses and provide you with more benefits, as the basic policies usually only cover core illnesses.

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