Anti Abortion Bandwagon Rolling On-3060

February 18th, 2011
Anti Abortion Bandwagon Rolling On-3060

Anti abortion campaigners appear to be on a roll in the United States. The latest State in the union to file anti abortion bills in their own State congress is Indiana. In fact, 21 were filed but 7 were withdrawn.

One bill is designed to prevent women being able to claim health insurance, while another is aimed at pharmacists preventing them from giving people a drug to abort any foetus such as the so called morning after pill.

A third Indiana bill attacks Planned Parenthood; the latter would be denied funding. The irony of this particular bill which is being proposed by Congressman Pence is that the latter believes in Government not interfering with people’s lives, yet this bill does exactly that.

Planned Parenthood was set up primarily to offer advice and support to people, particularly the poor, regarding many issues not just abortion. Many people using the service find it vital. Preventing funding to Planned Parenthood wouldn’t just affect those seeking advice over abortion, but would affect couples who need advice on such things as contraception.

Pro abortion campaigners argue that bills such as those being filed by Congressman Pence will simply force women to have an illegal abortion, and take the country back to the dark days of back street abortion practices.

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