Fish Oil useful in Chemotherapy Treatment-2079

April 28th, 2011
Fish Oil useful in Chemotherapy Treatment-2079

Research has found that patients undergoing chemotherapy should ingest fish oil as an aid to prevent weight loss.

Sudden weight and muscle loss, like hair loss is another potential side effect of chemotherapy for cancer. However researchers believe that taking fish oil which is rich in Omega 3 can prevent this happening. It may even help build muscle.

Vera Mazurak the lead researcher from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada told reporters: “Fish oil may prevent loss of weight and muscle by interfering with some of the pathways that are altered in advanced cancer.”

The research found 69% of patients who had a diet comprising fish oil supplements increased or maintained muscle mass. This compares with just 29% who did not take fish oil. In fact, the latter lost an average of 2.2.pounds of muscle during chemotherapy treatment.

Similarly, patients who ingested fish oil managed to maintain their weight while those who did not lost an average of 5.1 pounds in weight.

While weight loss is something many health people try to do by dieting, sudden weight loss resulting from medical treatment can be dangerous. Vera Mazurak added: “This holds great promise because currently there is no effective treatment for cancer-related malnutrition.”

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