Woman Sacked For Shaving Her Hair-4555

February 18th, 2011
Woman Sacked For Shaving Her Hair-4555

A Canadian woman lost her job simply because she shaved her hair as an act of support for her uncle, who is suffering from Cancer.

Despite wearing head scarves, the lady’s employer said it wasn’t enough. For its part, the company owner said that her shaven head (even covered) was not conducive to image the business wanted to convey. Employees were expected to wear a proper uniform and remove piercing, tattoos and other unsightly things.

Ironically, the lady’s bald head should in theory be acceptable, not just on the companies ‘cosmetic’ attitude but on health grounds. Shaven headed waitresses won’t accidentally drop hair into food being prepared.

Shaving hair is now a growing phenomenon as a way of showing support for both those suffering from cancer and for cancer research organisations. It seems the owner was more concerned with his business’ image rather than supporting a worthwhile cause.

This case also raises an odd attitude amongst people. People lose their hair as a result of chemotherapy. It is likely that if the lady lost her job because of this, then there would have been a massive backlash. But because she chose to remove her hair in support of a relative suffering from cancer he was penalised, and without anyone else apparently supporting her position.

On a positive note the company employee has highlighted a massive health problem in Canada, as it is elsewhere. The Canadian Cancer Society says cancer killed about 76,000 Canadians in 2010 alone.

As for the company employee, her uncle also lost his fight with cancer.

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