New Technology Developed To Help Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy-7257

January 25th, 2011
New Technology Developed To Help Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy-7257

One of the major side effects of having chemotherapy for treating cancers such as leukaemia is hair loss. Traditionally, patients are forced to either accept their temporary baldness or wear a wig. Both can be embarrassing not to mention stressful.

However at the Arab Health trade show which is due to take place in Dubai this week, a company is planning to show off its latest updated technological development it says will help prevent hair loss.

The Orbis I & II developed by UK based Paxman Ltd has produced a cooling machine aimed at reducing patients’ risk of losing their hair during chemotherapy. It works by cooling the scalp, which in turns prevents the drug used in chemotherapy reaching the hair follicles.

The technology itself has been around for a while now with great success. Company statistics appear to show that between 70 and 90 per cent of patients do not need a wig.

Anecdotal evidence also seems to back this up. One patient for instance told reporters: “My illness would have been 100 per cent more difficult for me if I had not used the system.  I wouldn’t have felt confident enough to go out as much and my life would have taken longer to get back to normal.”

The Operations Director for the company, Richard Paxman said: “Preserving self esteem during chemotherapy leads to a more positive attitude to treatment and gives patients a rare light in a dark time of their lives.

“We’re passionate about providing help to patients around the world and hope Arab Health will allow us to offer the solution to thousands more patient’s worldwide.”

The technology involves patients wearing a scull cap for 30 minutes prior to chemotherapy, and during the treatment itself. They continue to wear the cap for a short while after the therapy, thus ensuring the scalp is cool throughout.

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