Hair Loss Not Just In Humans-6448

April 7th, 2011
Hair Loss Not Just In Humans-6448

It’s well known that dogs and other pets moult. While this is normal, what is not often realised is that animals are also prone to severe hair loss in just the same way as humans.

If you are a pet owner it might be worth knowing what to do to ensure that it and you are in tip top condition. First, make sure that your pet (usually a dog) is only losing hair naturally during the moulting season. This can vary, but usually takes place during the summer or winter.

Second, ensure that you pat your dog dry after bathing, rather than rubbing.

Third, before using any oils get advice from your vet.

Fourth, rubbing olive oil into the skin apparently is great for both dogs and humans alike.

Fifth, massage your dog regularly, keeping the hair nice and shiny.

If only these tips would work on humans. Perhaps they do.

Meanwhile, a Grimsby woman decided to cut off her long red locks for charity. She cut off 17 inches to donate it to the Little Princess Trust.

Speaking with local reporters: Emily North said: “I think it is made more interesting by the fact I’m ginger. I am a minority and I hope my sacrifice will help a little girl who once had ginger hair and wants her own hair colour back.

“I am sure a lot of the wigs being made are for blonde or brown-haired girls, which might feel strange for a girl who has naturally red hair.”

She added: “I love my hair and I know I am going to feel so lost without it. I am making a big sacrifice, but I know it will be worth it.

“It is such a good cause, so I am not really bothered what I will look like afterwards. Hair grows back.”

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