Lawyer Slams Lack Of Safety Precautions Using Snowmobiles-0623

February 18th, 2011
Lawyer Slams Lack Of Safety Precautions Using Snowmobiles-0623

With the growth in popularity of riding snowmobiles, there has been a corresponding increase in accidents and people claiming personal injuries.

However a lawyer from Syracuse has slammed the lack of any proper regulations regarding safety. He believes that snowmobile riders should all take some sort of safety course, especially new riders. More competent riders should also update their safety knowledge regularly.

Speaking with local reporters, Scott Gottlieb, a personal injury lawyers said: “Many snowmobile accidents are caused by reckless actions, such as driving while intoxicated or driving too fast, and negligence, such as failing to look out for others on the trail.”

He added: “Recent reports of accidents show an alarming number of injuries and a fatality that were likely avoidable. New snowmobile riders should take safety courses, and even experienced riders should take the time to review or renew their safety skills.”

New York State has more than 10,300 miles of Snowmobile Trails across 47 counties. Those under 18 are expected to go on a safety course prior to taking up the activity. This is paid for by the State.

Snowmobile accidents have increased over the last few years. Between 2007 and the 2008 / 2009 winter there were 318 reported accidents a rise of 11.5%.

Many injures caused through snowmobile accidents have been very severe. In a few cases death has occurred. For instance in Ontario, Canada a 47 year old woman died after the snowmobile she was riding hit a car in the town of Gorham.

Another man was injured after falling down a ravine in the Buffalo area.

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