New Report Suggests Over 65s are Living for Longer Than Ever Before-7499

February 16th, 2016
New Report Suggests Over 65s are Living for Longer Than Ever Before-7499

A new report compiled by Public Health England suggests that over 65s are living for longer than ever before. The research claims that on average, men are living for 19 years and women for 21 years once they reach the milestone of 65 years old.

Although the figures are positive, there are still concerns that many older people in England have poor health. Figures are particularly concerning for those living in the North. Statistics show that 65 year olds in the North East and North West have lower than average life expectancies.

Figures from Public Health England showed that life expectancy at 65 increased by 0.3 years and life expectancy at 75, 85 and 95 increased by 0.2 years in 2014. The rise came after a fall in life expectancy between 2011 and 2012.

Research is sometimes focused on life expectancy at birth, but in an age when a significant proportion of the population lives beyond the age of 80, many experts find life expectancy at 65 years old a more accurate and useful indicator in determining patterns and trends of mortality among older people.

Chief knowledge officer at Public Health England, Professor John Newton, said the report showed an improvement in the health of the nation in older age and underlines the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices throughout adulthood. Even if you think you are too old for it to make a difference, adopting a healthier lifestyle will always have benefits.

Despite the overall positivity of the report, there were concerns about certain areas of the country where life expectancy has stalled. Oxford University professor of human geography, Danny Dorling, claimed that there was “an urgent need” to investigate why rates have stalled in some areas of the country and to level the playing field across England.

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