Oral Health And Kidney Disease Linked-9596

July 1st, 2013
Oral Health And Kidney Disease Linked-9596

For a number of years now, study after study has apparently shown a link between oral health and general health.

In short, poor oral health can help predict a likely outcome for a person’s general health; for instance, diabetes and heart disease.

However it seems that more recent studies are showing that this link is stronger than perhaps was originally thought.

Kidney disease has now come under the spotlight. And many dentists are warning that unless oral health management is not improved, there will be growing numbers of people developing kidney problems.

The main cause of these problems is periodontal disease. To most people bleeding of the gums is not something that you need worry about. But as dentists are now demonstrating bleeding gums can be an early sign of something more problematic. If left untreated periodontal disease will occur, and in turn this could lead to more serious medical issues.

Speaking with reporters, one leading dental scientist, Vanessa Grubbs, assistant professor and pulmonary specialist at UCSF School of Medicine said: “If we at least start to show that treating periodontal disease can slow the progression of kidney disease, the long-term ramifications for dental policy and how we manage patients with chronic kidney disease are huge.”

Dr. Grubbs also noticed that there was a link between kidney disease, periodontal disease and socio-economic factors. In other words, the poorer a person is the more likely they are to develop dental and medical problems – in particular kidney disease.

As such, she is of the opinion that money should be prioritised for dental care rather than kidney disease.

Prevention rather than cure.


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