Over 30 People Arrested For Health Insurance Fraud In Taiwan-8192

May 19th, 2014
Over 30 People Arrested For Health Insurance Fraud In Taiwan-8192

The Criminal Investigation Bureau has arrested 3 doctors and another 30 accomplices in Taiwan for carrying out a health insurance scam.

The individuals have been accused of scamming the country’s National Health Insurance system by creating false clinical histories. The suspects were also accused of cheating insurance companies for compensation.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau has been investigating this alleged fraud since last December when they received tips about the scam.

It seems that one particular individual, a man with the surname Ko, was acting as a middleman to introduce patients to the doctors he mixed with.

He evidently arranged for treatment at various hospitals even though the patients themselves were not in any need of treatment. This allowed the scammers to fabricate medical reports, which were then forwarded on to the relevant authorities in order to gain compensation.

Investigators made the arrests earlier this month, on the 7th May. An estimated 8.5 million Taiwanese dollars is thought to have been fraudulently obtained by the suspects.

In other health insurance news, the governor of Indiana in the USA has hailed a new scheme which he believes will help people in the state who are struggling to pay for health insurance.

Unveiling the new proposals, which have been dubbed HIP 2.0, Governor Pence said the new system would create a two-tier system in which basic cover would cost very little but those who wanted more extensive cover would be asked to pay a little more.

This plan is different from the federal Medicaid plan as it only applies to Indiana citizens. It is also aimed at those who are unable to be fully supported by the normal federal system and so have fallen through the cracks of the system.


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