Surgeon Accused Of Causing Partial Paralysis-5145

April 8th, 2011
Surgeon Accused Of Causing Partial Paralysis-5145

An American surgeon was sued for medical negligence when it transpired a patient he operated on ended up being permanently paralysed.

It seems the patient fell and hurt his neck. After seeking medical attention he was informed that he would need a spinal operation. This involved removing a disc, which was replaced by metal. Unfortunately, the operation did not go well, and the man subsequently suffered paralysis which prevented him from being able to move some muscles.

The malpractice lawyer who took on the case told reporters: “While this might sound like a win-win situation on the surface. It certainly did not turn out to be the case, because the doctor tore the dura around the patient’s spinal cord during the operation.”

He added: “Cases like this in New Hampshire usually seek compensation for pain and suffering, present and future lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life and enough money to assist them with their care for the rest of their life, among other things.

“These are not easy cases for the plaintiff. Often, the trial is time consuming and draining, both physically and emotionally and yet, when justice is achieved, some of the burden a plaintiff carries is lifted.

“For anyone who suspects they may be the victim of medical malpractice or negligence, make your first call to my office. My track record speaks for itself and I will speak for you to get you the justice you deserve.”

Malpractice suits in the US are a growing problem. Many lawyers believe that part of the problem is that doctors do not always tell their patients the risks involved in major surgery. If they did, then many of the cases that go to court could be settled out of court.

Doctors for their part apparently worry that by telling their patients about the risks, could actually leave them open to a legal challenge.

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