Texas Pushing Through Fast Track Anti-Abortion Legislation-8428

April 13th, 2011
Texas Pushing Through Fast Track Anti-Abortion Legislation-8428

The Texas legislature has been criticised for fast tracking legislation which will put it on a collision course with pro abortionists. The latter argue the new bill is an intrusion in a woman’s right to choose.

The law which was passed in February aims to force women to consider all possibilities before finally deciding on an abortion. Critics argue that this is putting undue pressure on women who are already in a vulnerable position.

Supporters of the bill however, including some local newspapers believe that abortion should not be considered as just another birth control system. As such, the women involved should think long and hard before agreeing to get it done.

The new Texas law does not prohibit abortion outright – it cannot do that as it would contravene federal law. However supporters believe that by putting pressure on women to have sonograms and so on, many babies could be saved.

The main proponent of the new law, Senator Patrick believes it will empower women rather than put pressure on them. He told local reporters: “This bill was never intended to force a woman to do something she doesn’t want. If she doesn’t want to hear what the doctor is saying, she can simply tune it out.”

Texas isn’t alone in making use of the sonogram; 18 other US States now use it, while nine expect women to undergo counselling prior to going through with the abortion.

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