Macrobiotic Diets

This diet is based upon the Eastern philosophy of yin and yang and applies this balance to food consumption. This means eating natural or raw foods, whole grains (e.g. brown rice), locally grown fruit, root vegetables and fish.

It is very similar to the vegetarian diet in that it advises people to avoid meat, dairy products, sugars and caffeine. In other words, no processed or refined food, additives and alcohol. And avoid overeating.

They also advocate chewing your food slowly and thoroughly which helps with digestion. Plus you will feel full sooner than you think.

It is considered to be a very healthy way of eating although there are concerns about a lack of essential nutrients from vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium. If you intend following this diet then consider taking a vitamin and/or mineral supplement.

There is a vast array of diets to choose from and it can be difficult knowing which one to choose. And added to this is endless advice and ‘top tips’ on dieting which can seem, at times, to be contradicting itself.

Another problem is the number of ‘weight loss myths’ which can confuse many dieters.

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