Aftercare following Gastric band surgery

This is as equally important as the surgery itself: Following the pre-arranged diet and exercise plan will help you to get the best possible results from this procedure. You may or may not require dietary supplements such as vitamin/mineral supplements, although this depends on whether you getting enough of these through your diet.

Your diet will be restricted not just in the quantity of food but the types. You can eat most foods but you are best sticking to a healthy, well balanced nutritional programme which is low in fat, salt and sugar and high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This will help those pounds to come off especially if combined with an exercise programme. If you have never been a fan of sport and exercise in general then don’t worry. Exercise does not have to mean running miles or lifting weights. As long as it gets you slightly out of breath for 30 minutes or more then that will do. Brisk walking is a good example as is swimming or gardening.

If you have joined a local patients support group then you will find that there are other people there who can advise you about this as well as your aftercare advisor.

The aftercare programme also includes a review of your progress and a check on your health in general.

It is designed for your benefit and is a very good resource so we would advise you to make the most of this excellent service.

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