Benefits of Gastric bypass surgery

There are several benefits of this surgery but the most important one to you is that it causes weight loss. You can expect to lose around 70–80% of your excessive weight two years after surgery. The greatest amount of loss will be in the first year and after that, it will start to slow down before reaching a stable level. If that level is what the BMI calculator would call a ‘healthy weight’ then you can aim to maintain that level.

If, however, you still need to lose a bit more then your aftercare visits will advise you on adjusting your diet and exercise routine to do just that. This may mean a slight reduction in calories combined with a slight increase in your activity levels.

What you do have to be careful of is reducing your calorie intake too drastically which can cause your metabolism to slow down. The problem with this is that if you go above your new calorie level then you will regain weight.

This will be discussed with you when you attend the regular follow up sessions.

If you suffer from an obesity-related illness such as Type 2 diabetes then this surgery can actually help to resolve that. In other words, it can ‘cure’ your diabetes even before the weight starts to come off. Experts are still not sure what causes this but what they do know is that this surgery can reverse this condition. It can even happen before you are discharged from hospital.

If you are suffering from any other obesity-related condition such as hypertension (high blood pressure) then this will drop down to a normal level which will then reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Many other conditions such as sleep apnoea or stress incontinence will have improved or gone altogether.

And finally, you will start to look and feel so much better. Your confidence will improve, you will be able to find clothes that fit and you will be able to join in a wide range of activities. If before you felt depressed, socially isolated or had a low self-esteem then this will change for the better.

However, you must stick to a healthy lifestyle routine in order to feel these benefits which mean that you have to work with the bypass and not against it. Not doing so could be unpleasant or a statement of failure.

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