How can food allergies be managed?

The best form of management for any food allergy is to avoid the food completely. More details about specific foods can be found in separate articles. You should read labels carefully as your allergen might be found in unexpected places. When eating out or at a friend's, let them know about your or your child's food allergies and ask if any food contains the allergens.

As children can grow out of food allergies, it might be appropriate to introduce the food they are allergic to to them after a certain age. This should be done after consulting your doctor or a paediatric dietician. At first, you should only introduce tiny amounts of the food, and if there is no reaction, you can increase the amount very slightly. If ever this triggers an allergic reaction, simply reduce the amount of the allergen-containing food and attempt to increase it at a later date. If this is successful, your child may be eating the food he or she was previous allergic to within a few months. However, not all allergies can die out in time. Cow's milk protein allergy is an example of an allergy that will go away with time, however, peanut allergies tend to be lifelong.

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