Egg allergies

What are egg allergies?

Egg allergies are food allergies to one of the proteins found in egg white. There are four main types of proteins: lysozymes, ovomucoid, ovotransferrin, and ovoalbumin. Ovoalbumin is the most common egg allergen. Egg yolks also have a number of proteins which may be allergens – vosvetin, apovitillin, and livetin. However, someone who is allergic to egg whites may be not have any problems eating egg yolks, and similarly, someone who is allergic to one of the proteins in egg yolk may not have any problems with egg whites.

Egg allergies are one of the most common allergies in children, along with allergies to peanuts and cows milk. Most cases of egg allergy have resolved by 3 years of age, and it is rare for these allergies to persist into adulthood. It is more likely to persist into adulthood or appear in adulthood if you have other allergies, such as asthma, hay fever, or atopic eczema.

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