Pet allergies

What are pet allergies?

Pet allergies are allergies to the chemicals in the sweat, saliva, urine, or hair or fur of pets and animals. The most common animals to be allergic to are cats, dogs, rodents, and horses, however, people can be allergic to any animal with fur. Rodents can give off much more potent allergens than other animals. People most affected are people who work with animals or have pets (as they are exposed to them), if they already have atopic or allergic tendencies.

We can breathe in chemicals from the animal's saliva, sweat, urine, hair, or fur, and they can trigger an allergic reaction. This happens when the chemicals bind to a protein called IgE. IgE is an antibody and is found on receptors on the cell membrane of mast cells. When IgE encounters these animal chemicals, they trigger the mast cells to release histamine, which causes the symptoms of an allergy. In pet allergies, histamine is released mainly in the respiratory tract and nose, and this can lead to symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma.

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