Mould allergies

What are mould allergies?

Mould allergies are allergies to the chemicals produced by moulds. Their signs and symptoms are those of asthma, rhinitis, depression, and joint pain. Moulds can live well in modern housing and the environments created by modern housing systems are ideal for mould growth. Moulds need moisture, oxygen, and a source of food to survive – many moulds can eat a variety of substances, including even cardboard.

You can often see mould as a green or whitish growth on old bread which has been left out. The mould here is using the bread as food.

Moulds and fungi can cause an allergic reaction, but they can also cause a variety of other diseases, such as mycoses (a growth of a fungus on the skin or body surface) and diseases caused by mycotoxins (which are dangerous chemicals produced by fungi).

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