What are the signs and symptoms of a poison plant allergy?

The most common sign is a rash on the skin where you have touched the poison plant. This rash usually appears approximately 24 hours after you have touched the plant, and tends to vanish after 2 weeks. It does not leave any scars. In severe cases, this might cause blisters which are a few millimetres across and filled with fluid. There can also be swelling, raised bumps on the skin (papules), and redness. The rash can be extremely itchy or might have a burning sensation associated with it, and excessive scratching can damage the skin even more.

The rash is not contagious, although if you have any urushiol oil on any clothes, touching that part of clothing can cause a rash as you might rub some oil onto your (or someone else's) skin. Breathing in the oil (if it is airborne, for example, during fires, or when mowing the lawn) can cause severe diarrhoea or breathing difficulties, and eating any poison plants may be fatal.

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