Q5. What is male pattern baldness?

A5. The medical name for this is androgenetic alopecia. This is a form of baldness in men which is caused by genetics and is often passed down through several generations.

What happens is that a man inherits a gene for baldness which combined with a hormone derivative of testosterone called ‘dihydrotestosterone’ (DHT) shrinks the hair follicles. This weakens them and stops the growth of new hair. Over time, the remaining hair starts to thin and eventually falls out which is not replaced.

This process usually starts in the early thirties although it can start when a man is in his twenties and progresses until middle age. It starts with a receding hairline and spreads from this over the top and towards the back of the head. The remaining hair around the back and sides forms a distinctive ‘horseshoe’ pattern and is used as the donor site for transplantation.

Male pattern baldness is permanent.

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