Q2. Am I suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery?

A2. If you have noticed that you have a significant amount of hair loss then you may be a candidate for a hair transplant. If you have a small amount of hair loss then surgery is still an option.

Those people in the early stages of hair loss are usually advised to wait until this has advanced further. A hair specialist would monitor the progress of the hair loss until it reaches a stage that treatment is needed. They usually consider someone with five years of male pattern baldness or a Type 3 or more on the Norwood scale.

If you are suffering from male pattern baldness then be aware that this is irreversible even if you undergo surgery. It will not ‘cure’ the problem of baldness so you may require several sessions in order to hide the bald area.

Your surgeon will discuss this further with you.

What you do need is enough donor hair for the transplantation. This donor hair must be of a suitable density so that there will be enough to cover the recipient area. The extent of your hair loss can be assessed using either the Hamilton-Norwood Scale (men) or the Ludwig Scale (women).

Your age will also be taken into account. Someone aged 25 and under is not usually considered suitable for surgery.

Both men and women are suitable for this procedure.

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