Finding a wig

This is a very important decision so take time to find the right wig for you and then where you are going to get it from.

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways of finding something so if you know of anyone who has recently purchased a wig then ask them where they got their wig from.

Ask your hairdresser or your GP: that last item might sound strange but your doctor will have seen people with hair problems and will be able to suggest somewhere to buy a wig. Even more so if he/she has seen people with cancer. If you have undergone cancer treatment then your oncologist or the hospital where you have been treated will be able to recommend someone.

If you have decided to go private then ask your trichologist or other hair professional.

Whether you have spoken with other people or have looked for a wig shop online then you want to make sure that they offer a quality service and one that suits your needs.

It’s a good idea to make a shortlist of suitable wig shops and research these to see if they are right for you. Check to see if they offer both synthetic and human hair wigs as you need to compare both before making a decision.

And ask about prices.

Make sure they are reputable, skilled and can deliver on their promises. Ask if the wigs are machine or custom made and if they can perform any repairs if needed.

You will need to buy accessories for your wig such as a head form (a polystyrene human head) which you store the wig on, wig shampoo and caps, brushes and any other necessary item.

This may seem like a time consuming process but it is worth taking your time to find the wig you like.

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