Human hair wig

Human hair wigs are as the name says: they are made from natural hair which people sell to wig manufacturers. Once they have done so the wig manufacturer cleans, colours, cuts and/or styles the hair into a wig.

As you might imagine a human hair wig looks better than a synthetic wig in that they are a better match for your own hair than a synthetic one. They can be styled in any way you want, for example a perm, and the hair is softer than that used in synthetic wig.

Plus human hair is stronger than synthetic hair so they tend last longer.

But there is a downside to this. Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic hair wigs and require a lot more care. A human hair wig must be bought as all one length – usually a minimum of 10 inches long.

This makes them more difficult to produce which is reflected in the price.

Plus human hair wigs need a great deal of care and attention. They behave in the same way as your own hair in that they don’t hold their shape after washing which means that you have restyle it every time. Another option is to return it to the wig manufacturer/stylist and ask them to do this.

And these wigs require the help of various hair products such as styling mousses to retain their looks.

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