How to wear a wig

You may assume that all you do is put the wig on and off you go but its important to know how to wear it so that it looks as natural as possible.

If you want your wig to hide any remaining strands of hair then ask your hairdresser to trim these before you put on a wig. Long hair strands are awkward to tuck inside a wig and can affect its fitting.

The key to any of this is the wig cap. This is the part of the wig which the hair is attached to so it’s important that you find one which fits well and looks real.

There are 3 styles of wig caps to choose from:

  • Monofilament
  • Capless
  • Standard

A monofilament cap is thinner and made from a mesh type material which allows air to circulate around the wig as well as revealing the scalp.

Hair is attached to this wig strand by strand which gives it a more natural looking appearance. It is the most versatile of the three caps.

This may sound like a misnomer but the capless type actually includes a cap: this takes the form of vertical strips of material with gaps in between in which the hair can be seen. This is lighter and more natural looking than the standard cap.

The standard cap is the cheapest and most popular out of the three caps. It is solidly designed and the hair is machine-sewn onto this cap.

So what is the best way of wearing a wig?

Hold the wig in front of you with the back of the wig (tag side) nearest to your face. Place the wig over your head in a front to back movement so that the tag fits at the back of your head. Make sure that the two tags on either side of the wig are sat in front of your ears and the front hairline matches your own.

If the wig feels too loose or too tight then adjust the tags on the wig until you get the correct fit.

You can use a special wig tape or pins if you feel that the wig needs securing in place.

Practice taking your wig on and off until you can do this easily and your wig looks completely natural.

We have already mentioned about looking after your wig which requires more effort with the human hair variety than the synthetic type.

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