What to ask the wig manufacturer/stylist

Before you buy a wig it’s a good idea to have an idea of how you want your wig to be styled beforehand. For example, if you have long hair and want a wig with the same style then choose a wig which is a bit longer than normal (a couple of inches) as this leaves enough length for styling.

If you prefer a short style then choose a wig which is only a bit longer (around one inch).

Talk to the wig specialist or manufacturer before you buy your wig and ask his/her advice about a suitable style. Explain to him/her about the type of look that you want and see what he/she advises. He/she may suggest something different but this or any other advice will be in your own best interests.

It’s a good idea to wear your wig when you speak to the stylist. He/she will have a better idea of how you want it cut and styled rather than if you just send it in. He or she can decide upon the right style for you and how that fits in with your needs and lifestyle.

The wig stylist will help you to decide upon a flattering look for your wig. Short cuts are the best option but if you prefer long hair then go for a style which hides the wig cap and hairline.

So, go for a soft, layered style or one that allows the hair to move in a natural manner. Avoid rigid, spiky styles or ones that are fixed in place.

Once you have chosen the cut and style of your wig you then need to learn the best way of wearing your wig.

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