Buying bedding & a cot

It can often be an exciting time choosing bedding and a new cot for your baby. However, many parents are left confused about which cot and bedding is best for their baby. As there is so much variety to choose from parents can often feel worried about which type they should go for.

Many parents choose to keep their newborn babies in Moses baskets for the first three months, and then slowly move them into a cot. Cots can be expensive so you may want to consider buying a second hand one. Many mother and baby outlets stock cots in different shapes and sizes and outlets can advise you on the cot best suited for your baby.

There are some cots which can be placed against your bed, which saves time when getting out of bed in the middle of the night to care for your baby. This is also beneficial if you are breastfeeding and need to feed your baby at night. Most cots have a drop down mechanism to enable easy access, and as your baby gets older you can adjust the rail to suit your baby’s height accordingly.

Benefits of buying a cot

  • It can be used immediately when you arrive home from giving birth
  • Cots provide a safe place for your baby to sleep
  • Your baby can use the cot for up three years

Disadvantages of buying a cot

  • Unlike Moses baskets, cots are not portable and have to be kept in one place
  • Cots can seem quite big for some newborn babies especially if premature
  • Cots do not provide you with the same closeness as Moses basket or cribs

Bedding for your baby

Most mother and baby outlets can give you advice about the suitability of bedding for your baby. Bedding for a baby can consist of sheets and blankets, as well as cot borders to prevent your baby from touching the edge of the cot. There is a good variety of bedding available in shops or you could alternately look online if you want designer bedding.

What bedding should I buy for my newborn baby?

Most parents start off with cotton sheets and blankets for their baby’s crib or cot. Cotton sheets are easy to layer up and there is less risk of your baby becoming overheated. As monitoring your newborn baby’s temperature is important, it is beneficial to buy bedding you can easily change. If you buy cotton sheets you can easily add a layer if your baby is too cold or remove a blanket if too hot. There are specialised Moses sheets if you decide that Moses baskets are the way to go. There are two types of Moses basket sheets, fitted sheets and flanette sheets which are flat sheets and easily removable. Fitted sheets stay in place better than flanette sheets, but the choice is down to you.

If you want to indulge in buying little extras for your baby’s bedding you could purchase a cot border. Borders come in half size or full size to go all the way round a cot. Many cot borders come as part of a whole set.

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