Can New Medication Stop You Going Bald?

April 5th, 2011
Can New Medication Stop You Going Bald?

Hopefully yes, according to one major British pharmaceutical company. What’s more, you won’t even need to visit your doctor. You can instead get it at any one of the company’s shops.

The medication treats male-pattern baldness which affects around six and half million men in the UK alone by age 50. It can be devastating for many men, who previously had a full head of hair, while others simply accept it as being part of getting older. However while there are lotions that thicken hair, there is no real evidence yet that hair can be re-grown using particular medication. But according to the pharmaceutical company who makes the new product, it may be easier to stem the receding hair line rather than re-grow hair.

For 95% of men suffering from male-pattern baldness, its underlying cause is oversensitive follicles, which react to a by product of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Hair follicles simply stop working and shrink, starting with the hair line receding, eventually leading to bald patches. In more severe cases, there is complete hair loss.

Before using the new treatment you will be assessed for suitability, although you can also order the medication online, without having to see a doctor.

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