Debunking The Myths Of Cosmetic Surgery

August 5th, 2013
Debunking The Myths Of Cosmetic Surgery

It is often assumed by those wanting to get cosmetic surgery that it will make them look much younger than their real age.

However it seems that this is possibly a myth, according to a recent study. While patients are rejuvenated, in reality they may only look around 3 years younger than their real age.

Speaking with reporters, one of the lead researchers who also works at a New York hospital clinic said he didn’t want his patients to think that if they get face-lift, they’ll only look a few years younger. He stated that the study only includes those who had a brow or eyelid lift, recently.

This latest research though contradicts Canadian research in 2012, which suggested patients who have a facelift or necklift ‘looked’ on average 9 years younger.

But the Toronto-based research has been criticised as the number of procedures looked at were limited. Also, the procedures included in the study tended to be rather more superficial such as eye-lid surgery, plus anti-wrinkle treatments were not included in the study.

By contrast, the more recent study took a wider range of cosmetic surgery procedures.

In a related study, people were asked how they rated others’ ages and attractiveness. Participants were shown photographs of people after surgery and gave an average age-rating of 5.2 years younger than the actual age of the person.


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