Dipping a Toe into Cosmetic Surgery

July 13th, 2012
Dipping a Toe into Cosmetic Surgery

Traditionally, when asked what they think most patients get done when they go under the knife, the answer is probably a facelift, tummy tuck or something similar.

How many people would even consider getting work done on their toes? But that’s apparently becoming an increasingly popular treatment.

It seems many people possess toes which are fat. As such they have what’s been dubbed a toe-besity. In short, they want their toes to be thinner.

Speaking with reporters, a New York based plastic surgeon, Oliver Zong said: “When people first started asking, I said ‘What?'”

He added: “We were mostly doing toe shortenings in the beginning.”

However over the last couple of years, Dr. Zong has found more and more individuals are coming to his surgery requesting a toe-besity and not more invasive and traditional types of surgery.

One of Dr. Zong’s patients said that he always had an issue with what he called fat toes, so asked the plastic surgeon if there was anything that could be done about it. Dr. Zong duly obliged.

The patient said: “It was one of those things that you’re just not comfortable with and try to hide it.”

Recent research suggests that people believe that getting work done whatever the problem is a confidence boost. So, it seems rather strange why patients would want treatment carried out on their toes. However, when people feel they are horrible to look at and uncomfortable, (even when rarely shown in public) why not have a toe-besity.

Then again, there are many toe ailments that often require medical treatment. In Dr. Zong’s patient’s case it seems the nail on his toe was constantly curving upwards and hitting the inside of the shoe. It makes sense therefore that this is cured.

The patient added: “The bone was pushing the nail up, and the nail curved up a little bit, so it was hitting the shoe.”

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