Back Hair - laser hair removal

Hair growth on the backside can be more than a cosmetic issue. The hair may get itchy, irritated, and there may be infection of the hair follicles. The discomfort usually worsens with warm weather, exercises, and sweating.

The back hair may be sparse or very dense. In both cases, laser hair removal can be very helpful in eliminating or reducing the undesired hair. Just like the other body areas, the type of laser to be used for back hair removal needs to be carefully chosen so the patient can get the best possible outcome.

Laser hair removal is more effective than shaving or waxing

For controlling back hair growth, options like waxing, shaving, using depilatory creams, etc. may have some limitations. You will need somebody to help you when applying depilatory creams or shaving the back hair. Among these options, waxing has a good long-term effect in producing hair-free skin, which may last several weeks. But waxing can be an uncomfortable procedure, can be irritating to the skin, and can result in skin pigmentation.

What are the Advantages of Laser Hair Removal for Back Hair?

While laser hair removal for the back hair may not be very perfect, there are advantages. There are many lasers and corresponding light sources available. Each has a specific effect on a patient, depending on the hair colour, skin colour, hair density and hair thickness. Those clinics that offer the choicest range of light sources and lasers are the most suitable for laser hair removal.

The results for laser hair removal for back hair are good

One laser hair removal session can cover the back of a patient, and is well tolerated. Within five or six laser sessions, a permanent reduction in back hair growth can be achieved. When treatments are continued, most hair gets totally eliminated or permanently small. Even those people with coarse, thick back hair can have a permanent hair thinning, along with decreased hair density. The remaining hairs may be very less cause of concern. This is important for those people who may have irritation in their back hair.

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