Do laser hair removal procedures cause scarring?

Any laser-based hair removal procedure can cause some scarring. This is included as a risk in the consent forms that need to be signed before laser treatment begins. But the risk of scarring from laser hair removal treatment is rather small. The risk is a function of many factors including the following.

  • The skill, experience, training and knowledge of the laser technician.
  • Your body ability to heal.
  • The amount of melanin pigment in the skin. Darker skin tones have a greater risk of getting scarred.
  • The type of laser used for the treatment.

Temporary Pigment Changes
Many people experience some pigment changes following a laser treatment procedure. This may be darkening or lightening of the skin. Many people believe this is the same as scarring, but most of the time it is not. The pigment changes that may occur after laser procedures usually resolve themselves within a few weeks or months.

Experienced Clinics reduce the Risk
The risk of getting scarred from a laser treatment is very small. You can minimize the risk by choosing an experienced laser technician for your laser treatment. You may also get the procedure supervised by an on-site doctor.

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