Q38. I think my daughter has been taking drugs, what do I do? - Drug Addiction FAQs

A38. If you suspect that she has taken drugs then your first thought will be to ask her about this.

It is not easy to confront a teenager with this but it is better if you can have a rational discussion with her about this rather than a full on argument.

Explain that you want to help and are not going to condemn or criticise her about this. It is not a case of being ‘in trouble’ but a realisation that she has a complex disorder that requires treatment. If this is a case of experimentation then sit down with her and discuss all aspects of doing so. Encourage her to see that this can be harmful and possible lead to dependency and addiction. Explain to her that she can always come to you for help and also be prepared to point her in the direction of agencies or drugs team which specifically deal with young people.

There are websites such as FRANK which are aimed towards young people and offer help and advice about drugs. It is a free, confidential helpline which enables people to blog, email, text or phone as well as sharing information with others. Details of this can be found on our links page.

Not every teenager who takes drugs will become an addict. Many just try it as a means of experimentation or to be ‘cool’ and part of the gang. But a few do end up with an addiction so it is important that action is taken early on to prevent this from happening.

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  10. I think my daughter has been taking drugs, what do I do?
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  28. Does drug treatment work?

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