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There are cultural and societal factors as well. Hair loss in men is treated as normal and part of growing old but this isn’t the same for women.

Hair loss in women is seen as a loss in their femininity and that combined with the fact that there is still a stigma regarding bald women makes it doubly hard to deal with.

Bald men are seen as virile, sexy and extremely attractive but this is not the case for women. A bald woman can be viewed as being ‘butch’, as less than womanly or unattractive and this is upsetting for many women.

Plus there is also the fact that our society judges women on their physical appearance which includes their hair. This is more of an issue for women than men and many women feel under pressure to achieve a certain physical ideal. This ideal includes well groomed, shiny and healthy hair.

If you are female and have noticed hair loss then the best thing to do is to learn as much as you can about your condition and then seek help. There is treatment available which includes hair transplant surgery.

If you want to know more then visit our hair loss guide.

The Ludwig scale measures female hair loss from the top (crown) of the head. The surgeon will use this scale to measure the amount of visible scalp, using these 3 main stages although he/she will use mini stages in-between these.

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