Hair Products - Causes of Male Hair Loss

Many of the hair products out there result in great looking hair. Gels, styling mousse, hairsprays, colours and conditioners enable us to style our hair in any way that we want. And this means that we can have a bold fashion look or make a clear statement of our identity.

They convey a range of benefits to healthy hair but like any product, will cause problems if used to excess.

Excessive use, such as too much or too often can lead to damage to hair strands or even lead to hair loss.

Traditionally, women use hair products more than men but men are catching up in this aspect and now use gels, sprays and mousses to style their hair.

So which are the main culprits?

The two products which are most likely to cause damage if used to excess are:

  • Hair dyes/colours
  • Perms

Hair dyes or colours tend to be the worst offenders as some of them contain harsh chemicals which can dry out hair strands or lead to ‘split ends’.

It is better to go for dyes which contain natural ingredients, such as plant extracts as these will not strip the hair of essential oils. These vegetable dyes are designed to be used on a temporary basis only.

Perms are a popular salon treatment for women who want attractive, curly hair. They are usually successful but need to be carried out by a professional hairdresser.

Problems arise if the person engaged to do this treatment is not sufficiently trained enough. The danger here is that they will apply too much solution (or too strong), or leave it on the hair too long. If they do then chemicals in the solution can damage hair strands. In a few cases it may even lead to hair loss.

Other products such as gels, mousses and sprays can also dry hair out or weaken hair strands if they are used too often. Overuse causes them to build up on the hair to the extent that they weigh it down or break/split hair strands.

This leads to hair thinning or even hair loss.

It’s a good idea to limit your use of these products or to give your hair a break from them and allow it to regain its natural state.

If you notice any damage to your hair then stop using the product and talk to your hairdresser about treating the damage. He or she will be able to advise you on ways of strengthening your hair and encouraging new hair growth.

If you still want to use hair products then choose ones which contain organic ingredients instead. These products are usually made from plant extracts such as Tea Tree oil or Saffron and in the case of hair dyes, are washed out of the hair. If you want a colour then have this treatment done by a professional hair stylist rather than a home-based kit.

Ideally, aim for products which nourish and condition the hair rather than those which dry it out. Go for a deep cleaning shampoo which will remove any hair products and so prevent the build up of potentially damaging chemicals.

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