Q7. What causes excessive sweating in children?

A7. If you are the parent of a child with excessive sweating then it is natural that you will be anxious about the causes of their condition.

If you have a teenager then this condition is likely to be caused by changes in their hormone levels and bodies which can be difficult to deal with. It is often the case that teenagers sweat more than adults although this does settle down once they have reached adulthood.

Very young children are prone to excess sweating in the form of a fever as part of an illness or disease. But very often it is due to a surfeit of energy and hyperactivity before bedtime!

Children are often overactive at night time and this translates as excessive sweating. When coupled with thick pyjamas and heavy bedding then sleep hyperhidrosis is the end result.

This also happens when the child’s bedroom is too warm or they are covered with too much bedding.

But sleep hyperhidrosis in children can be caused by a medical condition such as an overactive thyroid.

Find out more about the causes of this condition in our sleep hyperhidrosis section.

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