Menopause self help

There are various forms of treatment for the menopause which include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), antidepressants and tibolone. These are available via your GP.

However, there are few steps you can take to ease the symptoms of the menopause. These self help options will not only improve these symptoms but can mean a healthy new you.

They include:

These are discussed on an individual basis within this section.

We are all aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle which includes eating well, taking exercise and getting enough sleep. But sometimes it is easier said than done.

Importance of a healthy lifestyle during and after the menopause

When you are juggling do many things such work, family, finances etc it can be difficult to think about a healthy lifestyle and the steps you need to take to achieve this. It often feels as if there are not enough hours in the day to do your normal daily activities without trying to find time to go to the gym or learn a new hobby.

But many women find that the menopause is the kick-start they needed to change to a healthier lifestyle. There is a realisation that they cannot lead the same lifestyle as they did in their youth without experiencing the side effects of doing so.

Late nights, drinking and partying are not as appealing in your 40’s as they were in your 20’s and especially not during the menopause.

This means accepting that those days are over and it is time to adopt a new, healthy regime which will pay dividends in the long term.

Even a single change can be beneficial: for example, switching to a healthy diet. This means eating more fruit and vegetables, limiting your consumption of high fat or sugary foods and going easy on stimulants such as caffeine.

The changes you make now will remain with you into your later years. It is particularly important to maintain a sensible weight, eat well and remain active as you pass from middle age into your retirement years.

Once you have reached the menopause and pass into the postmenopause stage you are entering a new stage in life which is also the ageing process.

Accept that there will be some changes as a result of this which include putting on a few extra pounds especially around the stomach, being more tired than before and noticing a few extra lines and wrinkles.

But these can be deal with by a few simple lifestyle changes.

Making these changes means letting go of any past regrets and choosing to focus on the present. Look ahead to the future and the challenges that will bring.

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