Menopause treatment

The menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life which heralds a shift from a reproductive to non-reproductive status. This is marked by a series of biological changes which are to do with falling hormone levels and the gradual cessation of menstrual periods.

Once a woman has her last period she is considered to have reached the menopause.

These changes are both physical and psychological in nature and cause a wide range of symptoms which, for some women, can be unpleasant and stressful to deal with.

This is why it is known as the ‘change of life’.

Do you need treatment for the symptoms of the menopause?

The question here is whether you see this menopause as a natural part of growing older or dread the very thought of it?

It is important that you remain positive and see this is a new chapter in your life and one that will throw up a new set of challenges.

We understand that it is difficult, at times, to remain positive when faced with hot flushes, memory lapses, weight gain and a complete lack of interest in sex. But doing so will make the transition easier to cope with.

There are many women who go through the menopause without needing any treatment but there are others who have a torrid time. They find that the menopause severely affects their day to day living and can become depressed as a result.

But there are treatments available which can help with the symptoms of the menopause.

These include:

Each of these is discussed individually within this section.

Which treatment you choose will depend upon the severity of your symptoms, your current state of health, family history and personal preferences.

Your GP can advise you as can your local pharmacist.

A word of warning: some of these treatments such as tibolone and HRT do not provide any contraceptive protection. Even though your hormone levels and fertility are decreasing it is still possible to become pregnant so continue to use contraception.

In addition to these there are several ‘self help’forms of treatment which include healthy diet, exercise and food supplements. Find out more about these and other options in our menopause self help section.

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