Vaginal lubricants

One of the most common symptoms of the menopause is vaginal dryness. This occurs due to falling oestrogen levels which results in a thinner, drier vagina with weakened muscle tone.

Sexual intercourse become painful as a result of this plus there is an increased risk of incontinence due to poor bladder control.

The main problem with vaginal dryness is that the woman finds that sex becomes painful due to the friction experienced during penetration.

The walls of the vagina lose their elasticity and this combined with a decrease in vaginal lubrication means a painful friction against the dry tissues of the vagina.

Understandably this puts many women off from having sex which affects their emotional health and relationship with their partner.

One solution is to use a vaginal lubricant which will help to restore moisture to the vagina as well as increasing blood flow in that area.

Examples of vaginal lubricants include ‘SYLK’, ‘Yes’ water based moisturiser, ‘K Y Jelly’ and ‘Astroglide’.

Your GP may be able to suggest a suitable vaginal lubricant.

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