Costs of Tattoo Removal

How much does tattoo removal cost? Costs vary according to the size, colour and type of tattoo as this has a direct influence upon the number of treatment sessions required.

A simple black tattoo will be cheaper than a large tattoo with several colours. Amateur tattoos are usually cheaper to remove than professional tattoos as these require more sessions.

As you might imagine the more sessions you need the more expensive the treatment. In this case look for a package in which you pay a set amount for a certain number of sessions.

There may also be an initial consultation fee. If you have to undergo a test patch then expect to pay around £30 to £50 for this.

Prices will vary between clinics so its a case of shopping around to get the best deal for you. But dont be guided by price only: it is important to find a reputable and professional clinic which is concerned with your well being and not just the bottom line!

If you are doing your research on clinics via the internet then you will find that some clinics list their prices on their sites whereas others dont. In those cases you will have to contact the clinic for a quote.

Tattoo removal treatment costs

Here is a rough guide to costs of tattoo removal:

Laser tattoo removal costs

Price per session From £50 to £300 or more for small amateur tattoos (black ink)

From £60 to £500 for large professional tattoos (with colours)

As a rough guide a large professional tattoo with several colours will require several sessions and can cost around £2,300 or more in total.

Tattoo removal cream Rejuvi: the costs can be based on the tattoo size in square inches or the length of the session.

For example £50 or more per square inch or £55 per 15 minute session.

Wrecking balm costs

Around £50 for 3 months supply, £90 for 6 months supply and £140 for 9 months supply.

Surgical tattoo removal costs

The costs can range from £100 to several thousands depending on the size of the tattoo. It will be more expensive if it requires major skin grafts.

Dermabrasion tattoo removal costs

The costs of this can range from £1,000 to £5,000 or more.

Intense pulsed light therapy Costs depend upon the number of pulses used in a session and the amount of treatment you require. As a rough guide you may be looking at £10 per pulse.

Tattoo Cover up costs

If you choose to have your old tattoo covered up by a new tattoo then the price will be set by your tattoo artist.

Make-up creams such as Dermablend are comprised of a corrective foundation and setting powder and can cost around £30 to £40.

Visit the Dermablend site for more details.

Tattoo erase costs

This non-surgical form of tattoo removal is priced per 15 minute session. As a rough guide costs can start from £70 to £80 per treatment.

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