Tattoo Removal Cream

There are a range of creams available, some which can be applied at home and others which are offered by private clinics.

One such cream works on the principle that you apply the cream to the tattoo which gradually breaks down the pigments within that tattoo, causing it to fade over time.

Others work by stimulating an inflammatory response in the skin in that they pushout the pigments (or inks) used in the tattoo as well as the cream itself. Examples of this include Rejuvi cream and Wrecking Balm cream.

Rejuvi tattoo removing cream

This is a relatively new treatment, available at certain skin clinics which takes the form of a cream that is injected in a similar way to the original tattoo.

It is injected via device which looks very similar to a tattoo gun and is called a micro-pigmentation pen. They combine this with a newly developed injection device which is accurate and precise.

Basically, the cream binds together with the pigments of the tattoo and draws this ink up to the surface of the skin. As the skin heals it rejects the cream and pushes this onto the surface of the skin where it then forms a scab. This scab drops off after two to three weeks. It is less painful than laser tattoo removal, and less costly as well. It can be used to treat any colour tattoo whatever the combination but it requires a highly skilled practitioner to do so. Several sessions are required with six weekly intervals between each session.

The tattoo removal cream removal procedure

This is a straightforward procedure and is very similar to getting a tattoo although it is less painful. However, patients report that you do experience a stinging sensation as the cream is injected. Once the cream is applied a light dressing is applied to the treated area.

The aftercare is much the same as for a tattoo in that you are advised to keep the area dry, wear a sunscreen if exposed to the sun and avoid rubbing or scratching the area.

A scab, complete with tattoo pigment will form over the treated area and then peel off.

However, if you have a large tattoo, a tattoo that is deep seated or done a long time ago then you will find that it could become time consuming and expensive.

It is cheaper than laser tattoo removal but nevertheless, the costs can mount up.

Wrecking Balm tattoo removal cream

Another tattoo removal cream is Wrecking Balm. This cream works by gradually fading the pigments in a tattoo over a period of time.

This can take several weeks and there is the risk of skin irritation especially with relatively new tattoos. For the best results, wrecking balm needs to be used on a consistent basis. It can result in pale patches of skin around the tattoo although these will return to the normal colour once you stop using this cream.

The wrecking balm process

This home based system was originally developed in America and is a step by step process. It starts with you cleaning and patting dry the tattoo area. Then use the special dermabrasion device to apply a gel to the tattoo area.

Rinse off and dry this area.

Apply the demo-brasion spray to the tattoo area, leave for 90 seconds then rinse off and dry.

Next its the all important wrecking balm cream: apply this to the tattoo area. This has a dual purpose in that it soothes your skin as well as fading away your tattoo.

There is a special branding solution you can apply over the tattoo area whilst the wrecking balm fades your tattoo.

Repeat this process three times a week.

Other options include laser removal or intense pulsed light therapy. Dermabrasion tattoo removal is another option as is surgical removal, removal cream and tattoo erase.

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