Will the NHS pay for tattoo removal?

This is highly unlikely given the stringent budgets that the NHS has to work to. Funding is finite and allocated to the areas where there is the greatest need. Tattoo removal doesnt usually count as an area of high priority€¦.

However, if your tattoo is causing you psychological problems, or you are experiencing discrimination at work because of your body art then a case may be made for NHS help. Your first step in this situation is to see your GP. He or she will assess your condition and advise you about applying for help from the NHS via your Primary Care Trust (PCT). He/she will also refer you to your PCT. Your local PCT will have a set of strict guidelines as regarding tattoo removal which you will have to meet. They may also expect you to undergo a psychological evaluation.

The only other option is to pay for treatment at a private clinic. This is discussed in more detail in our costs section. Visit each of the individual treatment

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